NEW RELEASE: The Bluetones Expecting To Fly

“Expecting To Fly (is) the tale of quiet resolve winning out against the clatter of instant acclaim, of the redeeming power of single-mindedness against compromise; the joy in winning the battle bloodlessly, by force of personality alone.”
NME – 8/10, 1996
“This combination of classic pop hooks and emotional intelligence ensures that Expectin To Fly has dated far better than might be expected… well worth revisiting”
Q – 4/5, 2016

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20 years ago, in 1996, The Bluetones released their debut album, Expecting To Fly. It knocked Oasis ‘What’s The Story Morning Glory’ off the top of the charts in the week the Mancunians scooped an armful of BRIT Awards and heralded the start of The Bluetones hugely successful career.

The Number 1, platinum album featuring the hits Bluetonic, Cut Some Rug and Slight Return is now re-issued with a second disc of previously unreleased material including demos, live and session tracks. The demos are from the Proper Demo Thing cassette which got the band signed to A&M Records and taken from a copy recently found in drummer Eds’ archives.

There is a complete concert of the band playing one of their earliest gigs. Supporting Supergrass in March 1995 at the LA2 in London, the small sister venue of the legendary Astoria venue. It captures the vibrant energy and spirit of a band taking their first steps and the 7 track set features the songs that would go on to become some of their most famous hits.

Additionally, each band member has chosen their favourite b-side from the era and along with the stand-alone single Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?, the band’s first hit single, make this a fitting package to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album.

The 2CD comes in a tri-fold sleeve with new artwork, never seen before photographs, sleevenotes from guitarist Adam Devlin, and contributions from the Eds, Scott and Mark.

Order your copy of the 2CD set now from the 3 Loop Music shop and get an exclusive 7″ artprint signed by the boys – it’s perfect for framing!

NEW RELEASE: The Pre New Remix EP

Catalan based Glam Fusion Punk Crossover Disco Pop Explosion Band, THE PRE NEW, release a selection of mixes based around EUROPA SUPERSTAR PT 2 taken from the critically acclaimed album THE MALE EUNUCH.

The digital EP is available to order exclusively at The Pre New shop – click here.
You can get the EP as a single 23 minute mix or as individual tracks.

The collection entitled 2016: La Odissea Català pulls together a varied mix of European influences with three mixes by artists Derealise, Alien and THE PRE NEW themselves.

A bonus track features house singer, Jim Fry’s Karaoke version of the Eddie and The Hot Rods classic, Do Anything You Want To Do… re tilted ‘Fes el Que Vulguis’ and was recorded in a Irish themed pub just of La Ramblas, sung entirely in Catalan.

A spokesman (who learnt Catalan from a Rosetta Stone CD course) for the band said:
‘La disco al cap d’en Jim eracontrat, nomesencanviava la distribcio … Simplement es posa millor … millor I millor’.
Which translates to “The disco Jim carried in his head was constant only his distribution changed…Better and Better Better and Better.”

THE PRE NEW will now be referred to as EL PRE NOU until further notice.


The Pre New - Music For People Who Hate Themselves
The Pre New - Music For Homeowners
The Pre New - The Male Eunuch

NEW RELEASE: Earl Brutus – the re-issues

“Earl Brutus are a legendary band, even though they’ve never had a hit” Select Magazine, 1995.
“Gloriously unfettered… still filthy after all these years” Uncut – 8/10, 2016
“Repackaged with obsessive care… the sound, fury and humour of Earl Brutus is here for all to marvel” Record Collector – 5/5, 2016
“Worship here” Q – 4/5, 2016

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We are thrilled to announce the Earl Brutus re-issues of their two albums, Your Majesty… We Are Here, released on Deceptive in 1996 and Tonight You Are The Special One, originally released on Fruition / Island in 1998.

Both will be available on vinyl and as double CD packages including a disc of rarities and unreleased tracks. Lavishly packaged and featuring extensive sleeve notes, this will also be the first time Tonight You Are The Special One has been available on vinyl.

The packaging of both albums have been art-directed by acclaimed artist Scott King who also designed a poster for the limited edition ‘glitter-dipped’ box set which houses the 2CD editions of both albums. This limited edition box, which brings the Earl Brutus story to an end, is appropriately titled Closed.

Standing outside of their time then and now, Earl Brutus gave no simple answers. Born in the north and west of England in the early 60s, they were old enough to know better – but they did it anyway.

Stuart Boreman, Nick Sanderson, Jim Fry, Gordon King and Rob Marche had variously served time in groups including World Of Twist, Clock DVA, The Gun Club, Subway Sect, JoBoxers, If? and English Boy On The Love Ranch. But when they came together in north west London at the end of 1992, they would achieve a true expression of themselves, and fuse obsessions with Bowie, Kraftwerk and everyman stadium rock of the most extreme pomposity with an absurdist worldview steeped in lager, paradox and an undeniable sense of the mythic.

With synaptic cues including an imaginary greyhound, the unloved jeans brand, a seventies aftershave and “a council estate pub with a flat roof that could get a bit rough on Saturday night but did a nice carvery on Sunday lunchtimes,” the group were named Earl Brutus in a boozer off Kilburn High Road.

Live shows were where the Brutus myth began. At early shows the band wore sweat-soaked nylon safari suits bought from a Nigerian leisurewear outlet in Shepherd’s Bush, they tipped their gear over, let off pyrotechnics and soon got noticed. By 1993 they had put out their first single, Life’s Too Long, on Bob Stanley’s Creation subsidiary, Icerink and a couple of year’s later Stanley released a second single, Bonjour Monsieur, on his new label, Royal Mint.

Signing to Deceptive in 1995 after label boss Steve Lamacq had seen them at a beery, riotous show at The Dublin Castle in Camden which saw them blowing Brut aftershave through a wind machine, Earl Brutus would pick up talismanic member Shin-Ya Hayashida around this time.

“Nick had an idea about me to join the band to shout and scream swear words in Japanese and in English,” confirms Shins, an early twenty-something at the time. Visually and socially strong, the classic Brutus line up was set and it was this team that would record their debut album, Your Majesty…We Are Here, at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire with Happy Mondays engineer John Pennington, which was released in 1996.

A move to Fruition / Island Records in 1997 saw the band begin work on their second album which was again recorded at Chapel Studios. Released in 1997, first single The SAS And The Glam That Goes With It was one of the band’s most transcendent moments: pounding and livid, it was named after a VHS tape of Sanderson’s, where the 1980 storming of the Iranian Embassy sat next to a pro¬gramme about Mick Ronson.

The new year would see gushing press coverage and a further two singles, Come Taste My Mind and Universal Plan before the release of their second album, Tonight You Are The Special One in June 1998, a record that was conclusive proof of the remarkable durability of Earl Brutus’ singular vision.

Former manager Gareth Sweeney named the album Tonight You Are The Special One: to understand it, you must look in a mirror when staying home alone on Saturday night, wearing your best clothes and drinking a can of nice bitter, “trying to tell yourself you’re alright.”

Following its release guitarist Rob Marche would depart, they would be joined by former Intastella guitarist Martin Wright and release one final single, Larky in 1999.

Continuing to play sporadically – highlights being the appearance of their celebrated floral wreaths reading ‘Fuck Off’ at gigs at the Scala and the Embassy club in 1999 and a deranged and legendary ten-minute show at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Knightsbridge in 2001 which saw a return to the pandemonium of their early shows – they would play their last show in 2004, a fundraiser for Ken Livingstone at Hammersmith Working Men’s Club.

Earl Brutus never really ended as such, a track listing for proposed third album ‘Victorian Wanking Machine’ was devised but sadly the death of lead singer Nick Sanderson to cancer in June 2008 meant it was never to be.

“I’m so proud to have been part of that group,” recalls Jim Fry. “I don’t think it ever would have died. We were taking time off when Nick got ill… I think with Nick, we would have been in a group together by now. I think we would have been more riotous. I think it would have been called Earl Brutus.”

By the cold lights of market reach, not much happened for Earl Brutus. But in other ways, it all happened. Their explosive performances and compact, volcanic discography made anything seem possible, and to those who saw them, they’ll always be the greatest unsung band of all. To those who didn’t, their recorded work reveals a singular and uncompromising vision that cannot die. It continues to transmit the most important message to live by: You Are Your Own Reaction.

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The presentation of these re-issues have been directed by acclaimed artist Scott King. Working alongside production guru, Daniel Mason (Something Else) we have a very special set of releases.

The rigid lift of lid box is an offset set printed in 5 colours, silk screen printed with Silver glitter and gloss laminated wrapped over a Black lined board. 2 colour permanent adhesive label applied to lid. Base is printed in 1 colour, silk screen printed with silver glitter and gloss laminated.
It exclusively includes an offset printed poster booklet in 1 colour with detail offset printed in 3 fluorescent colours on a 57gsm Bible paper stock and features an essay by Ian Harrison that complements his sleevenotes for each album.

The CD packaging is offset printed in 4 colours with album artwork and text silk screen printed with a gloss varnish on a 300gsm coated board. Construction follows in standard CD digipack format.
The CD discs are printed in 2 colours plus a Silver glitter ink for a unique audio CD.
The concertina booklet is offset printed in 4 colours on a 120gsm off white uncoated paper stock.

The LP outer sleeve is offset printed in 4 colours with album artwork silk screen printed with a gloss varnish on a 320gsm coated board and the inner sleeve
is offset printed in 4 colours on a 240gsm off white uncoated board. Both are die cut and glued.
The LP vinyl record is pressed on 180gsm heavyweight vinyl with all centre labels printed in 1 colour.
The Your Majesty… We Are Here MP3 Download Code Card is offset printed on a 320gsm uncoated board. Download code digitally printed to the reverse.
The Tonight You Are The Special One MP3 Download Code Card is die stamped in 1 colour on a 350gsm high rag content uncoated board. Download code digitally printed to the reverse.

Order your copy at the 3 Loop Music shop.

NEW RELEASE: The Bluetones

“Return To..” is as fresh as your first outdoor breath on a crisp spring day, as adrenalising as a five mile freefall into neat vodka and as heartbreaking as finding an ex’s hair on a long forgotten shirt.”” Melody Maker, 1998


The Bluetones return!
The Bluetones - Return To The Last Chance Saloon - 2CD and LP re-issue on 3 Loop Music

The Bluetones - Return To The Last Chance Saloon - 2CD and LP re-issue

The Bluetones are one of the most important and successful bands from the Britpop era. Clocking up an impressive 17 years together with the same line-up (and managing to get through those 17 years without brothers Mark and Scott Morriss having any Gallagher-esque fall-outs), they finally called it a day in 2011.
They’ve reformed for a UK tour and we are thrilled to announce that we are kicking off a re-issue camapign of their catalogue with the glorious Return To The Last Chance Saloon.

The album was the follow up to their debut Expecting To Fly in which the band explored a more rockier blues-tinged sound. In 1998, Melody Maker described the album as a “17 year old, good looking and popular” teenager. Now 17 years since its release, it is apparent that that teenager has retained its exciting, fresh and joyous (superior) qualities.

Return To The Last Chance Saloon is a hit packed, gold selling, Top 10 album that includes the hit singles Solomon Bites The Worm, If…, and Sleazy Bed Track plus mail order only single 4 Day Weekend.

The re-issue will be available on 2CD set and heavyweight vinyl on 18th September and you can get a signed copy when you pre-order your copy at the 3 Loop Music store.

The bonus material on the expanded 2CD set includes standalone Top 10 single Marblehead Johnson, each band member’s hand-picked, favourite b-side, previously unreleased BBC session tracks from the era and a stunning gig recorded at BBC’s Sound City in Newcastle in 1998. It’s a set packed with all their hits and is the sound of a band at the top of their game playing to a jubilant and adoring audience.


Here’s the videos for some of the singles from Return To The Last Chance Saloon.

Hold Me Down

Solomon Bites The Worm

4 Day Weekend


The Bluetones 20th Anniversary Tour Poster

The Bluetones back on tour

The Bluetones are back on the road to celebrate 20 years since their first single was released. See them in September at:
16th – Leeds O2 Academy
17th – Glasgow ABC
18th – Newcastle O2 Academy
19th – Manchester Ritz
23rd – Portsmouth Pyramids
24th – London Forum
26th – Birmingham O2 Academy
27th – Bristol O2 Academy
Click here for tickets


Keep going, don’t stop, and be yourself. Never settle for less. I have finished the record I have been meaning to make. Things are changing for the good and I am happy.” Jules, April 2015


Sea of Bees is the musical project of Julie Ann Bee, or Jules as everyone calls her. She sings, writes the songs, and plays lots of musical instruments. She is the kind of singer-songwriter you come across only a few times in a lifetime – special, unusual, leaping out at you like an alien, her character fully-formed, her uniqueness intact.

Sea Of Bees - Build A Boat To The Sun - signed LPBuild A Boat To The Sun is Sea Of Bees third album (following the acclaimed Songs For The Ravens and follow-up Orangefarben) and this time Jules is gathering the good things up and moving to brighter horizons. Musically, she has moved forward too, with more of a full band sound after Jules bought a drum set and spent as much time playing it as she played guitar, much to her neighbour’s dismay.

The album, described as “a little gem” by MOJO (who gave it 4 stars!) has a variety of sounds all united by Jules’ unique positivity and charm. The album, mixed by Jesse Lauter (The Low Anthem), was recorded in Marin County and Sacramento, California so it’s no wonder this is an album full of sunshine!

Head over to our shop to get your album on CD, LP or Download. We have a very limited amount of signed CD and LPs, and a very special, limited edition, exclusive boxset.


The boxset contains all formats of the album plus a hand pulled screen print on French brand paper by Laura Maltranga, numbered and signed by Jules and Amber, an exclusive digital EP of unreleased tracks not available elsewhere, and a a special handmade, illustrated lyric book with hand stitched binding revealing the stories behind each track on the album.

Each box also includes an individual, one off photo taken, printed and annotated by Jules – they’re randomly allocated so you may get a picture of Jules, Amber, a pet, some flowers, their favourite view or piece of studio equipment or something else completely different instead!

Click here to visit the Sea Of Bees shop.


Want to hear what Build A Boat To The Sun sounds like? You’re in the right place!
Here’s Dad and the single, Test Yourself

“Test Yourself is one of those songs that grab you in the first second – you can almost feel the tide swelling under your feet.” Stereogum
“(Test Yourself) is catchy as all get out. Sing-along bits, a catchy chorus, hooks for days, it’s really the total package – this song alone has made this album one of my most anticipated summer albums” If It’s Too Loud


The Pre New

The Pre New are making some of the most original music in this country right now” Record Collector

3 Loop Music are proud to announce the release of The Pre New‘s new album, The Male Eunuch.

Taking their name from a Jeff Koons’ art installation, The Pre New centre around the trio of writers and musicians Jim Fry, Laurence Bray and Stuart Wheldon. Formed in Zone 2 of Central London in 2010, the original intent of the group was to perform at that year’s Glastonbury Festival. Assembled by ex-Earl Brutus members (Fry, Gordon King, Stuart Boreman and Shinya Hayashida) with a shot of new blood from Bray (first generation Milton Keynes) and Wheldon (north of England via Canada), The Pre New first unveiled their unmistakable brand of hi-art lo-fi to an unsuspecting Queen’s Head Stage at a time when other revellers were watching Muse or the Pet Shop Boys.

A lot has happened since then. Their debut album, Music For People Who Hate Themselves was released in 2012 and was followed in 2013 by Music For Homeowners, a collection of remixes of their work by fellow travellers such as Saint Etienne, Public Service Broadcasting and Mogwai. Around this album, founder member Hayashida left the group to live in Sweden and provided an opportunity to re-think and re-shape the group.

Fry, Bray, Wheldon and Boreman moved away from a more traditional rock approach and experimented more with electronics and created The Pre New of today recruiting Vinny Gibson, ’a protest singer from Paisley’, full time for both writing and performing. There are many forces at work: Krautrock, Bowie, West Coast USA Rock, MRI scanners and Mike Leigh; there is no jamming, just computing, things pulling in new apposing directions. The Pre New are unique in the way that they excavate their current surroundings for their work; wherever that may be at any given point.

The Pre New also have a revolving door policy of guests who sit upon their ‘fourth plinth;’ including new boy Jay Davy and times Fry’s old partner in Earl Brutus, Gordon King.

All of this adds to the high-concept magic that surrounds the band. Their third album, The Male Eunuch was launched in May 2015 with a PowerPoint presentation at a central London hotel. The bands own protest ambassador Stu Boreman stated:
“Binary Digital Bankruptcy converts this Sonic Debris into the sound of summer. Off shore becomes on shore as British Summer Time arrives early. Shot thru the Black Hole into the hole in your heart, it’s the colour chart from hell. Foxton’s still burns. Face-sitting is banned. Froch vs Groves. Farrow & Ball. We are at War.”

Using Concorde, British Rail logos, they honour the past while resolutely looking forward. There is no-one else making a noise like this in British Popular Music.

The Male Eunuch is available now on CD, LP, Download, Limited Edition Boxset and PowerPoint.
Music For People Who Hate Themselves is available now on CD and Download
Music For Homeowners is available now on Download
Order your copy at The Pre New shop

Praise for The Male Eunuch

Variously angry, moving, disturbing and extremely funny – there isn’t really anything else around like it – 4/5 – The Guardian, Album Of The Week

THE PRE NEW dissect the modern world with the precision of a cultural pathologist. Boasting song titles such as ‘100% Beef’, ‘The Mars Bar Within You’ and ‘Middle Class Heavy Metal On Anti-Depressants’, this is a frequently funny yet thoroughly absorbing listen, the laughs emanating from a grim recognition of the world that’s formed them – The Quietus

Super barbed – 4/5 – MOJO

A splendid blast of pop art – with the accent on tunes and outrageous fun – 4/5 – Q magazine

Both World of Twist and Earl Brutus have a classic album to their name, and now, so do The Pre New – 9/10 – The Line Of Best Fit

Ferocious head-melting havoc with an all out assault of unsettling samples, discordant effects and cross-patterned vocal clamour – file under Riotously Uneasy Listening – The Mirror

Their tunes are loaded with insightful lyricism… by dissecting the present the Pre New add currency to our cultural future – we have the Pre New to thank for this tumultuous soundtrack for the end of days – 7/10 – Louder Than War



Listen to The Pre New Anthem
Watch Photographed
Listen to Teenage Taliban live in session with Marc Riley
Watch the unboxing of The Male Eunuch
Watch Janet vs John
Watch Speed Queen
Read an in-detph interview with Gordon and Jim
Listen to I Believe In Jackie


World Of Twist - Quality Street
Earl Brutus - Your Majesty... We Are Here
Earl Brutus - Tonight You Are The Special One

NEW RELEASE: Lost Girls Long Lost Album Finally Released

Lost Girls - the long lost album

Lost Girls - the long lost album

“I’m so glad these songs at last get to be heard
– ragged and raw, done and undone, whatever,
they were loved and not at all Lost after all.“
Patrick Fitzgerald, 2014

Lost Girls is a collaboration between Patrick Fitzgerald and Heidi Berry. In 1997, Patrick had left Kitchens of Distinction (his band of 10 years) and Heidi had left 4AD for whom she had recorded three albums after appearing on This Mortal Coil’s 1991 album ‘Blood’.

Following a speculative phone call they got together and from 1998 to 1999 they wrote and recorded what would become their self titled long-player. The band initially started off as a duo but soon ended up as a 5 piece band which included Ashley Wood on guitar, Dave Morgan (The Loft, Primal Scream, Rockingbirds) on drums and Kim Smith on bass duties. They released only one single, ‘Needle’s Eye’, but recorded a wealth of material despite their short lifespan and as Record Collector said the album is “an embarrassment of previously unreleased riches”.

We proudly present the recordings on CD, LP and Download with the album as originally envisaged plus all the other material recorded along the way. From folk-tinged laments and power pop to ethereal yearning and manic paranoid rock via the usual Patrick obscenities (even Heidi swore a lot on the enigmatic ‘Folk Fuck’) with hints of the Buckleys, R.E.M. and even The Residents, this is a wildly varied, harmony-drenched work of dark joy.

Lost Girls is available on double CD, limited edition 180g vinyl LP (including an MP3 download code for all the tracks) and Download.

Order your CD or LP at the 3 Loop Music store now and get an exclusive hand numbered and signed A4 lyric sheet.

“(Lost Girls is) somewhere between the 4AD ‘Sound’ and that of Kitchens of Distinction. The Lost Girls could have been just that, lost. On the evidence of this collection of their work, that would have been criminal.”
8.7/10 – Backseat Mafia

“Over a wasted, civil war-style landscape comes a vocal that sounds like some daughter of Tim Buckley intoning a lament for the dead – I know nothing about Lost Girls; all I know is the world should know more about them.”
Needle’s Eye review, NME, 1999

“an embarrassment of previously unreleased riches”
4/5 – Record Collector

“a stunning collection of songs”
4/5 – Scottish Express

NEW RELEASE: The Auteurs catalogue re-issued

After the release of the expanded editions of New Wave and Baader Meinhof, it is about time that The Auteurs remaining 3 albums were re-issued as well. So on the 2nd June 2014, Now I’m A Cowboy, After Murder Park and How I Learned To Love The Bootboys will be in the shops as 2CD sets. Each includes a wealth of bonus material compiled by Mr Luke Haines who has also contributed new sleevenotes for each album.

Click here to order your copy from our shop now – the first 50 copies of each release will be signed by Mr Luke Haines.

Now I’m A Cowboy was released in 1994 and is home the smash hit Lenny Valentino. In reflection, Mr Luke Haines remembers: “After we had finished recording ‘New Wave,’ I was determined not to get caught out by ‘difficult second album syndrome’, so I kept writing. New French Girlfriend, Lenny Valentino, Government Bookstore and Modern History were all written at the end of 1993. There was a truck load of ‘English’ stupid on the horizon. Against conformity, I rashly called the album Now I’m A Cowboy which was exactly how I felt, and the opposite of everything that was about to come.”

The Auteurs - Now I'm A Cowboy

The Auteurs - Now I


1. Lenny Valentino
2. Brainchild
3. I’m A Rich Man’s Toy
4. New French Girlfriend
5. The Upper Classes
6. Chinese Bakery
7. A Sister Like You
8. Underground Movies
9. Life Classes / Life Model
10. Modern History
11. Daughter Of A Child

12. Lenny Valentino (Single Version)
13. Vacant Lot
14. Car Crazy
15. Disney World
16. Lenny Valentino (Original Mix)
17. Underground Movies (Alternative Mix)
18. Brainchild (Original Version)


BONUS MATERIAL – B-Sides, Sessions and Live
1. Government Bookstore
2. Everything You Say Will Destroy You
3. Chinese Bakery (Acoustic)
4. Modern History (Acoustic)

BBC Radio 1 Evening Session – 27.4.94
5. Upper Classes
6. Rich Man’s Toy *
7. Underground Movies *
8. Everything You Say Will Destroy You

Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio 1 Session – 9.5.94
9. Lenny Valentino *
10. Chinese Bakery
11. New French Girlfriend
12. Modern History *

Live at Leeds Town & Country – 13.12.93
13. How Could I Be Wrong *
14. Don’t Trust The Stars *
15. The Upper Classes *
16. New French Girlfriend *
17. Showgirl *
18. Lenny Valentino *
19. Modern History *
20. Early Years *

* previously unreleased

Recorded in under two weeks at Abbey Road Studios, After Murder Park marked a new direction and needed a new sound provided by the production of Steve Albini. Mr Luke Haines considers the recording sessions the high point of The Auteurs career: “My only regret is I didn’t know just how good this stuff was at the time. Sure, I knew we were on to something. But really, ‘After Murder Park’ …fucking Woah!”

The Auteurs - After Murder Park

The Auteurs - After Murder Park


1. Light Aircraft On Fire
2. The Child Brides
3. Land Lovers
4. New Brat In Town
5. Everything You Say Will Destroy You
6. Unsolved Child Murder
7. Married To A Lazy Lover
8. Buddha
9. Tombstone
10. Fear Of Flying
11. Dead Sea Navigators
12. After Murder Park

13. Back With The Killer Again
14. Kenneth Anger’s Bad Dream
15. Former Fan
16. Light Aircraft On Fire (Single Version)
17. Car Crash
18. Buddha (4 Track Band Demo)
19. X-Boogie Man
20. Everything You Say (Early Steve Albini recording) *
21. Tombstone (Alternate Recording)
22. Unsolved Child Murder (Early Version)

BBC John Peel Session – 9 March 1996
23. Kids Issue
24. A New Life A New Family
25. Buddah
26. After Murder Park


BONUS MATERIAL – The Black Session
5 March 1996

1. Starstruck *
2. After Murder Park *
3. Kenneth Angers Bad Dream *
4. Unsolved Child Murder *
5. Bailed Out *
6. Light Aircraft On Fire *
7. Buddha *
8. How Could I Be Wrong *
9. Married To A Lazy Lover *
10. American Guitars *
11. Junk Shop Clothes *
12. Kids Issue *
13. Early Years *
14. Lenny Valentino *
15. Showgirl *
16. Land Lovers *
17. Home Again *
18. Tombstone *
19. Housebreaker *

* previously unreleased




The Auteurs fourth and ultimately final album, How I Learned To Love The Bootboys was released in July 1999, a 3-year gap since After Murder Park. During that hiatus, Mr Luke Haines released albums as part of Black Box Recorder and under the guise of Baader Meinhof.

Mr Luke Haines says “On listening to …Bootboys again, I’m actually surprised how focussed it sounds. There’s a straightforward ‘pop side’ and an unstraightforward ‘experimental’ side. My only regret is not putting more on the album – really stretching it out and making it a sprawling double, songs like Breaking Up and Get Wrecked At Homewere far too good for B-sides”.

The Auteurs - How I Learned To Love The Bootboys

The Auteurs - How I Learned To Love The Bootboys


1. The Rubettes
2. 1967
3. How I Learned To Love The Bootboys
4. Your Gang, Our Gang
5. Some Changes
6. School
7. Johnny & The Hurricanes
8. The South Will Rise Again
9. Asti Spumante
10. Sick Of Hari Krisna
11. Lights Out
12. Future Generation

BONUS MATERIAL – B-sides and Rarities
13. Get Wrecked At Home
14. Breaking Up
15. Politic
16. ESP Kids
17. Johnny And The Hurricanes
18. Future Generation
19. School *
20. Essex Bootboys
21. The Rubettes (Acoustic) *
22. 1967 (Acoustic) *
23. Some Changes (Acoustic) *
24. Lights Out (Acoustic) *

* previously unreleased


The Auteurs Last Stand
Live At LSE November 1999
On CD for the first time

1. Baader Meinhof
2. Meet Me At The Airport
3. Burn Warehouse Burn / There’s Gonna Be An Accident
4. Back On The Farm
5. Baader Meinhof 2
6. Unsolved Child Murder
7. 1967
8. The Rubettes
9. How I Learned To Love The Bootboys
10. Your Gang, Our Gang
11. How Could I Be Wrong
12. Buddha
13. After Murder Park
14. Light Aircraft On Fire
15. Lenny Valentino
16. Future Generation


On the twelth day of Christmas, 3 Loop gave to me…..


One of our most intriguing releases was a startingly good album that had sat unreleased in the vaults since 1998.

Lost Girls are Patrick Fitzgerald of Kitchens of Distinction and Heidi Berry who had released several albums on Creation and 4AD. Looking for a project, they got together in the studio and put together a remarkable set of songs which, when we got to hear them, we knew were too good to sit on that shelf for any longer. Our 2CD, LP and Download of the album has met with critical acclaim (scroll down to see!) and we have a competition for you to win a unique prize – a test pressing vinyl of the album.

For you chance to win it, head over to over to our Facebook page here, like our page and share the Lost Girls post.

You can also enter on Twitter by following us here and retweeting the Lost Girls tweet.

We’ll pick a winner from all you sharers and tweeters…

Good luck!


Hold Me Down

Needle's Eye
Listen to the album on Spotify


Order your copy of Lost Girls on 2CD, LP and Download at our shop.

“(Lost Girls is) somewhere between the 4AD ‘Sound’ and that of Kitchens of Distinction. The Lost Girls could have been just that, lost. On the evidence of this collection of their work, that would have been criminal.”
8.7/10 – Backseat Mafia

“an embarrassment of previously unreleased riches”
★★★★ – Record Collector

“Wild abandonment on collaboration between Patrick Fitzgerald, Heidi Berry and others”
★★★★ – Daily Mirror

“A stunning collection of songs”
★★★★ – Scottish Express

“The celestial Heidi Berry in stirring form”

“An accomplished, expertly written and executed set of songs with a production as lush and welcoming as those songs deserve”
Louder Than War


1. All Fall Away
2. NYC
3. Japanese
4. Hold Me Down
5. Hovercrafts
6. Abduction
7. Forgiven
8. Opiated Self-Help Song
9. Needle’s Eye
10. A Reason To Live
11. Seen Before


1. Walk Like Giants
2. All Fall Away (Demo)
3. Hold Me Down (Demo)
4. Folk Fuck
5. Mountaineers
6. Forgiven (Demo)
7. Opiated Self-Help Song (Demo)
8. Bathing Song
9. Deja Vu
10. Lost Girls


1. All Fall Away
2. NYC
3. Japanese
4. Hold Me Down
5. Hovercrafts

1. Abduction
2. Forgiven
3. Opiated Self-Help Song
4. Needle’s Eye
5. A Reason To Live
6. Seen Before

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On the eleventh day of Christmas, 3 Loop gave to me…..


As BOB prepare themselves for a return to live action next year, we want to share this with you – a clip from an intimate show at Southsea’s Pie And Vinyl shop around the promotion of the re-issue of Leave The Straight Life Behind.

This track is a cover of a Jesse James track that Simon came across on a Northern Soul compilation and we think it’s a belter!

BOB have announced that they are playing at the Gigantic Indie All Dayer on 23rd May in Manchester and are planning some other dates too, so watch this space.
All this and a new Anthology release in pipeline means 2015 is going to be a busy year for BOB!


Leave The Straight Life Behind Album Sampler

Watch Convenience
Watch BOB's cover of Blue Boy

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1. Dynamite
2. Skylark III
3. Nothing For Something
4. Who You Are
5. Old Jean Blues
6. Take, Take, Take
7. Skylark II
8. Trousercide
9. Saying Goodbye
10. 95 Tears
11. The Belly
12. Leave The Straight Life Behind
13. Many Strings
14. Come Winter *
15. Bloodline *
16. Another Crow *


John Peel Show #1 – 7th January 1988
1. Trousercide *
2. Kirsty *
3. Esmerelda Brooklyn *
4. Brian Wilson’s Bed *
Simon Mayo Evening Show – 2nd March 1988
5. Times Like These *
6. Just Like You *
7. Smelly Summer *
8. It Was Kevin *
John Peel Show #2 – 5th February 1989
9. Who You Are *
10. Scarecrow *
11. So Far, So Good *
12. It Was Kevin *
John Peel Show #3 – 3rd September 1989
13. Extension ‘Bob’, Please *
14. Throw Away The Key *
15. Bloodline *
16. Wild West 9 *
BBC Radio Humberside Session – 16th October 1989
17. Convenience *
18. Demons *
19. Uphill Down *
20. Scarecrow *

* previously unreleased