Green Credentials

At 3 loop music we are committed to ensuring that our operations have the minimal possible impact upon the environment.

Despite the best efforts of scientists, campaigners, certain governments and a good proportion of the general public, it is estimated that the Earth’s atmospheric temperature will rise 7% by 2100, with a consequent devastating effect upon the Planet we all desperately cling to.

Businesses and the ultimate consumer must acknowledge their respective responsibilities for having arrived at this situation and take immediate and positive steps towards changing the way we interact with our World.

We at 3 loop music play our part by:

  • using only environmentally friendly cardboard, as opposed to plastic, CD packaging
  • using only other environmentally sensitive materials and inks in the manufacture of our 3 Range products
  • only working with like minded artists and suppliers
  • supporting the work of Julie’s Bicycle, a not-for-profit organisation working to reduce CO2 emissions across the UK creative industries

CD Packaging

CD packaging accounts for approximately one-third of the CO2 emissions of the recording activities of the UK music industry, or 10% of the UK music industry’s overall emissions*.

By discarding plastic jewel cases in favour of card-only packaging the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the manufacture of CD’s can be reduced by a startling 95%*.

Half of CD purchasers already express a preference for environmentally friendly, card-based packaging and, in line with this ethos 3 loop music has committed to the use of cardboard only CD packaging for all of its current and future 3 Range product.

* Professor Diana Liverman, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University : Julie’s Bicycle : ‘Reducing the Carbon Emissions of CD Packaging’, February 2009

Environmentally sensitive materials

3 loop music works in conjunction with suppliers and manufacturers to source environmentally sensitive materials (ink, fabrics, paper etc) for use in our activities.

When souring materials we consider, amongst other criteria, whether:

  • fabrics carry an eco-label, fair-trade or organic certification
  • inks utilised are vegetable based and mineral free
  • printing materials are free of optical brightening agents and meet the requirements of international quality assurance schemes and environmental standards
  • paper and cardboard are recycled or carry a forest certification and are, preferably, chlorine free


Artists and Suppliers


3 loop music is proud to be in partnership with artists who are fully committed to our green initiatives. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their understanding and support in this regard.

3 loop music has taken the decision to, where possible, work only with suppliers who are sympathetic to our ideals and can demonstrate that they too have taken steps to reduce the carbon footprint of their activities.

In this regard we are proud to be working with:

Julie’s Bicycle

Established in 2007 by leading figures in the UK music industry, Julie’s Bicycle seeks to make environmental sustainability an intrinsic ethos of the music, theatre and creative industries.

Julie’s Bicycle is a not-for-profit company providing expertise in environmental sustainability to over 350 organisations in the UK and internationally; helping with the provision of practical advice, tools, resources and world-leading research into the environmental impacts of the creative industries.

Industry Green

Industry Green (IG) is Julie’s Bicycle’s environmental certification scheme for festivals, venues, offices and CD packaging.

IG seeks to ensure that organisations within the creative industries understand the environmental impact of their activities and seek to reduce their carbon footprint whilst building their brand and spreading the word of environmental sensitivity.

IG is compatible with, and complimentary to, other environmental accreditation schemes including BS8901, ISO20121, ISO14001 and the Carbon Trust Standard.

IG standards are externally verified by Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute and an independent IG Advisory Board.

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