NEW: Baader Meinhof re-issued

In 1995, Mr Luke Haines found himself with time on his hands after completing The Auteurs third album, After Murder Park.  so he headed back into the studio and recorded Baader Meinhof, an album art project recounting the story of the Baader Meinhof group, a bunch of 1970s West German urban revolutionaries. 

Armed with an array of synths, a head full of funk and a super-top classical Indian percussionist, the result is dance music for the brain, movies for the ear.  Just imagine George Clinton producing a malevolent KC and the Sunshine Band all jacked up on militant Last Poets bongo rhyme.
Baader Meinhof is available on CD with 5 bonus tracks including previously unavailable full length remixes and exclusive sleevenotes by Mr Haines. 

It is also available on heavyweight 180gsm vinyl
Mr Haines says Whack up the low end and dig with open mind and ears. All recorded on tape and executed with intent. Headphones on. Volume way up”.

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Baader Meinhof Expanded Edition Tracklist

Original Album
1. Baader Meinhof
2. Meet Me at the Airport
3. There’s Gonna be an Accident
4. Mogadishu
5. Theme From Burn, Warehouse, Burn
6. GSG – 29
7. ….It’s a Moral Issue
8. Back on the Farm
9. Kill Ramirez
10. Baader Meinhof

Bonus Tracks
11. I’ve Been A Fool For You – LP Bonus 7”
12. Baader Meinhof (Confrontation Remix)
13. There’s Gonna Be An Accident (Fuse Remix)
14. There’s Gonna Be An Accident (Muziq remix)
15. Mogadishu (Dalai Lama Remix)