Kitchens of Distinction – Folly

Kitchens of Distinction’s new album, Folly has received some glowing reviews, so if you have not got your copy yet, order it here

“A literate, passionate comeback worth waiting for.” CLASSIC POP – 4/5

“Euphoric and uncompromising, Folly is up there with KOD’s best work.” Q MAGAZINE – 4/5

“KOD’s first album in 19 years reassembles the heady blend of poetics and lush textures that made them, secretly, one of the best British bands of the early ’90s” UNCUT – 7/10

“History rarely gets to be rewritten, but it seems that Kitchens Of Distinction may at least succeed in adding a new chapter to their tale.” THE QUIETUS

“Folly ranks alongside their best work” THE SCOTSMAN

“a genuine stunner; the strongest, most breathtaking album I’ve heard all year. A noisy, beautiful masterpiece.” POP MATTERS – 9/10

“The opening track, Oak tree, is astonishing – a torrid, putrid Derek Jarman short made musical flesh.” WEST BRITON – 4/5

“’Extravagance’ is a career defining mission statement” [SIC] MAGAZINE – 8/10

“a nerve-wracking album filled with lots of post punk energy… if you were to tie Paul Banks and Daniel Kessler of Interpol to chairs and force them to confess they would certainly be quick to admit to have found a good portion of their tracks by listening to Kitchens of Distinction” MUZIK EXPRESS (GERMANY)

“Folly rivals 1991’s Strange Free World as their best – dazzling waves of multilayered/colored sounds… can we hope for more albums like this masterpiece?” THE BIG TAKEOVER (USA)

“I can listen to a British Sea Power record and think: ‘You know what? Kitchens Of Distinction were ahead of their time.’”

“a sun-light-through-stained-glass pop sound” ALTERNATIVE PRESS (US)

Kitchens of Distinction release a special 10″ vinyl of Extravagance for Record Store Day on 19th April. Full details here





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