A Christmas Present from Jack Adaptor

A Christmas gift from Jack Adaptor

Jack Frost may be nipping at your toes but here come Jack Adaptor with a little track to warm you up on these wintry days.

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Jack Adaptor’s new album, J’Accuse!, is available now on CD, LP and Download.
Order your copy now at the 3 Loop Music Shop and get an exclusive, signed copy.

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Praise for J’Accuse!
“If you can’t find anything to enjoy on J’Accuse, you’re not listening carefully enough”
Backseat Mafia – 8/10

“An album that has left the past behind, and expanded its horizons. Indie is not the world.
You might not know and might not care that these songs share a creator with former indie chart hits like “River of Diamonds” and “Steamroller”, it’s great to hear old voices doing new things, and doing them this well, with a freshness and intelligence.”
Record Rewind Play – 8.5/10

“J’Accuse! is turning out to be something rather special”
Andrew Collins

“a rare beast; an album that bears repeated listening, that doesn’t treat you like an eight year old, that demands you come and meet it half-way. J’Accuse! is intelligent pop music with suss which maintains that there is still something of worth to be done with that form of expression… why is no-one else doing this?”
Louder Than War

“erudite, eclectic and enormously enjoyable… one of those all-too-rare quietly triumphant records; confident, fun, adult, fully formed and self contained.”
The Mouth Magazine

“there’s no doubting J’Accuse! is a mighty accomplished piece of work”
Isolation Records





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