Iain Stronach

‘A representational abstractionist looking the wrong way down a one way street.”

Iain Stronach was raised in the small village of Dyce (now part of the City of Aberdeen) in North East Scotland, discovering his calling to the canvas after being given his first oil painting set at the age of 14.

Early steps towards honing his skills found Iain painting portraits of family members before being banished for habitually leaving multi-coloured fingerprints all over the house. Luckily his passion survived and, with a place at Grays School of Art and exhibitions at the Aberdeen Art Centre and the Edinburgh Festival, Iain’s course was set.

Iain’s work has been shown internationally and at the Royal Academy, The New Maynard Gallery and the Establishment Gallery to name but a few and he continues to produce art whilst holding a role at the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages at the University of Westminster.

In the music world Iain is best known for his ‘cat’ series, work commissioned by his friend Paul ‘Fred” Frederick of the Family Cat.

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