Partner Artist Benefits

3 loop music are very proud to be working with a variety of influential artists; we believe that great music will always stand the test of time and deserves to be available and promoted on an ongoing basis.

At all times we involve our Partner Artists in every aspect of the creative and marketing process whilst operating within a framework of transparency and mutual respect.

We afford our Partners the opportunity of promoting their catalogue and receiving a financial return that would not be open to them via their record label or alternate catalogue marketing businesses.

The Offer

A direct profit share from all sales of music and merchandise sold via the 3 Range

Long term support and commitment towards our Partner’s artistic and commercial interests

Cross-promotional marketing opportunities targeting new fans via association with other Partner and Associated Artists

Re-engagement with existing fans via the provision of content (updated news items, biographies, videos, exclusive content etc.)

Provision of a free platform through from which to promote new projects and musical collaborations

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