The Family Cat – Five Lives Left

The Family Cat Anthology available for pre-order in the 3 Range shop

Release Date: 26th November 2012

Sonic Youth once claimed that The Family Cat were their favourite UK rock band, so it is about time that there was a collection of their finest tracks.

Compiled by Paul Frederick (aka Fred) and John Graves this 2CD set tracks the band’s career from the first single, Tom Verlaine, on Bad Girl through to previously unreleased tracks from the abandoned 4th album.

All the band’s singles feature including the classic Steamroller, and Colour Me Grey and River Of Diamonds which feature PJ Harvey on backing vocals.

Together with BBC session tracks, key album tracks and b-sides this 37 track set is a must for any discerning record collection!


1. Tom Verlaine (12″ Version)
2. Remember What It Is That You Love
3. Thought I’d Died And Gone To Heaven
4. Place With A Name (Single Version)
5. Colour Me Grey (Featuring PJ Harvey)
6. Steamroller (12″ Single Version)
7. Across The Universe
8. What We Talk About When We Talk About Love
9. Jesus Christ
10. River Of Diamonds (Featuring PJ Harvey)
11. Airplane Gardens (Single Version)
12. Amazing Hangover (Single Version)
13. Springing The Atom (Single Version)
14. Wonderful Excuse (Single Version)
15. Goldenbook (Single Version)
16. Bring Me The Head Of Michael Portillo
17. Tom Verlaine (Re-Bereted)


1. Sandbag Your Heart (BBC Peel Session) *
2. Slept In Clothes (Album Version)
3. From The City To The Sea (BBC Peel Session) *
4. Endlesss Cigarette (Album Version)
5. Gabriels Wings (Album Version)
6. Too Many Late Nights (Album Version)
7. Furthest From The Sun
8. With A War (BBC Peel Session) *
9. Gameshow (BBC Peel Session) *
10. Fire Music
11. Move Over I’ll Drive (BBC Mark Goodier Session) *
12. Rockbreaking (Album Version)
13. Blood Orange
14. Nowhere To Go (BBC Goodier Session) *
15. If You Think You Know What Love Is
16. Ace Of Cups *
17. Snowplough *
18. Mount Pleasant (BBC Goodier Session) *
19. Taking Your Sister Home *
(* – denotes previously unreleased track)





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