Longpigs – On And On: The Anthology

Longpigs – On And On: The Anthology is available for pre-order in the 3 Range shop

Release Date: 6th May 2013

The Longpigs, a Sheffiled quartet featuring the stellar songwriting talents of Crispin Hunt, a nascent Richard Hawley, Simon Stafford and Dee Boyle, burned brightly for a brief time in the mid ’90s. They were under-rated then and they are under-rated now. In a bid to right this injustice we have put together a brand new, career spanning 2CD best of, On And On: The Anthology.

The album gathers together all the singles, sounding as fresh and innovative as the day they were crafted. It features the five Top 40 hits including indie anthems She Said, Far, Jesus Christ and Lost Myself and key b-sides, the Hawley penned Tendresse being a particularly rare gem. There’s also album tracks from The Sun Is Often Out and Mobile Home and previously unreleased tracks from the band’s BBC Radio 1 Sessions.

Longpigs - On And On: The Anthology


1. She Said
2. Jesus Christ
3. Far
4. On And On (American Mix)
5. Lost Myself (Single Version)
6. Sally Dances
7. Happy Again
8. All Hype
9. Dozen Wicked Words
10. Blue Skies
11. The Frank Sonata
12. Gangsters
13. I Lied I Love You
14. Free Toy
15. (The Man Who Found) Elvis
16. In The Snow
17. Dance Baby Dance
18. Miss Believer


1. Tendresse (She Said B-Side)
2. Sweetness (Jesus Christ b–side)
3. Vagina Song (Jesus Christ B-side)
4. Far (Sheffield Version) (Far B-Side)
5. Blah Blah Blah (Far B-Side)
6. Your Face (On & On B-Side)
7. When You’re Alone (Lost Myself B-Side)
8. Floss (Lost Myself B-Side)
9. (The Man Who Found) Elvis – Radio One Session 16.8.1995 *
10. All Hype – Radio One Session 16.8.1995 *
11. Headaches (Blue Skies B-side)
12. New York (Frank B-Side)
13. The Frank Sonata (Rae & Christian Mix) *
14. Free Toy – Radio One Session 7.9.1999 *
15. Gangsters – Radio One Session 7.9.1999 *

* previously unreleased





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