Karina Fraser

“As a synaesthetic graphic artist and colour therapist, I work closely with the links between colour, music and emotions.”

Karina Fraser’s entry into this World in a sleepy Surrey town coincided rather nicely with the Specials hitting No.1 with “Ghost Town”.

Despite a lack of glitz and glamour, the quasi-suburban comfort of Farnham did however provide Karina with her first encouragement to explore a nascent interest in colour and, after first spurning St Martin’s College of Art as being populated by ‘people with their heads stuck up their arses’, she graduated upwards to Camberwell College of Arts.

With a degree in Graphic Design in her back pocket, Karina has utilised her widespread creative pallet to work in a wide spectrum of areas, including album artwork, music promotion and creating works for both home and office spaces.

In 1997 Karina wrote to Darren ‘Wiz” Brown of the band Mega City Four requesting to us some of his lyrics in her work – “he was astonished that something he created could transcend artforms”. The two became inseparable until Wiz’s untimely death at the age of just 44.

Karina continues to utilise a raft of Wiz’s previously unpublished lyrics in her work, as well as running the Forward 4 Wiz Trust, a charitable organisation striving to assist, mentor and educate musicians in all aspects of their musical careers as well as financially assisting needy musicians and bands at the grassroots level.

If that were not enough, Karina is also a semi-professional photographer, working in film format and handprinting from her darkroom suite in Aldershot, Hants.

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And We Shall Inherit The Earth


“I have a very unnerving ability to draw random people from inside my head – I have no idea where they have come from”.

Who Cares Wins

Me Me Me

For Wiz

“I’m not trying to create something disposable here – are any of us?”.

La Jetee pt1

You Don't Think

La Jetee pt2

“Art is everywhere – everything has been designed, every sound recorded has been made, designed and manufactured”.