Repertoire Owner Benefits

Repertoire owners must be applauded for the financial risk and support they have invested into new artists.

However, with the increasing consolidation of major labels and the shift in the musical industry landscape it is often the case that it is no longer commercially viable from them to actively promote and market their entire catalogue on a project by project basis.

Operating with a minimal overhead costs base, 3 loop music are in a perfect position to manage otherwise uneconomical projects and re-invigorate repertoire owner’s catalogue.

In addition, in an era when the number of retail outlets carrying exhaustive ranges of deep catalogue is declining rapidly, 3 loop music offers a shop and affiliation programme that provides a valuable route to the consumer of non-chart product.

The Offer

Licence fee income from catalogue that would otherwise not be marketed, thereby contributing towards the recoupment of previous artist investment in artists

The active promotion of repertoire artists via the 3 loop music website and associated promotional activities

The promotion and marketing of repertoire artists’ entire catalogue, not just those individual albums released as part of the 3 loop range

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