How It Works

Partner Artists

Many genres and eras of music have spawned artists that have produced seminal releases or a substantial body of work of quality.

Due to the financial return criteria of many repertoire owners it is often the case that such artists are overlooked when it comes to investing time in re-invigorating such catalogue.

Operating with a minimal overhead structure, 3 loop music seeks to identify selected examples of these artists that we consider have the potential to be re-connected with an existing and sizeable fan base and which retain an under-utilised catalogue.

Should the artist be interested in partnering with us, and after concluding a period of transparent and equitable negotiation, the two parties enter into a formal commercial joint venture agreement.

The joint venture agreement covers all commercial activities that have been agreed by the parties and will incorporate exclusive album re-issues, ‘best of’ complications, merchandising and other ancillary opportunities; all marketed under our 3 Range marque.

3 loop music assumes 100% of the financial risk and cash flow obligations associated with all projects, including the securing of requisite licenses from repertoire or rights owners.

Under the terms of the joint venture our partner artists receive a direct share of the profits from the relevant projects; this is in addition to any recording or publishing royalties that they may be due from the relevant rights holders or administrative bodies.

Partner Artists (contd.)

It is important to note that if an artist remains un-recouped with the repertoire owner the opportunity of benefiting from the promotion of their catalogue would not be afforded them should the record label re-issue catalogue themselves or licence tracks to other third party catalogue labels.

In return for the profit share the partner artists agree to actively engage with their fans via whilst providing unique and exclusive content that they have not been incentivized to produce previously (never have under the bed, behind the sofa and at the bottom of wardrobe been so uncluttered).

Should an artist be un-recouped with their respective repertoire owner the artist does not receive any income from albums sold under the record label imprint.

This is not the case with 3 loop music; for our partners the artist receives a direct share of every pound spend on our exclusive 3 range products.

Associated Artists

Although we attempt to conclude agreements with all of our target artists it can happen that the artist chooses not to participate or that the repertoire owner declines our application to access the catalogue.

In certain such cases we may consider the artist in question to be of such importance to the overall understanding of the contextual setting of our partner artists that we choose to promote them on our site regardless.

Associated Artists (contd.)

Therefore associated artists are those acts with which we do not have a direct commercial agreement but that are included to complete the balance of the site and cross-promote our partner artists; there are some personal favorites thrown in there too!

The Art Gallery

To complete the creative circle behind our 3 Range we also seek to highlight the oft-neglected part played by the originators of artwork.

In our Art Gallery we provide a space for artists and photographers to expand upon their involvement in specific releases whilst also exhibiting other examples of their work.

By licensing the rights to music related artwork for use in our exclusive 3 Range, artists and photographers benefit financially from every item of our product sold. In addition certain pieces of exclusive and original artwork are available to purchase for our shop.

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