Associated Artist Benefits

It is sometimes the case that, for whatever reason, we may not be able to enter into a direct partnership with a selected artist.

Notwithstanding this disappointing scenario, in certain cases we may feel that it is important that we still provide exposure and promotion for such artists regardless of the lack of a financial incentive for 3 loop music.

Our reasons for this approach might include the seminal importance the artist maintains within their particular genre or era, the chance that an opportunity to work together might present itself in the future, or just that they happen to be one of our favorites.

Whatever the rationale for their presence on the site we hope that the Associated Artists can receive real benefits from their inclusion.

The Offer

Cross-promotional marketing opportunities targeting new fans via association with other Partner and Associated Artists

Re-engagement with existing fans via the provision of content (updated news items, biographies, videos etc.)

Provision of a free platform through from which to promote new projects and musical collaborations

Promotion of the artist’s catalogue with links to online retailers

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