NEW: The Auteurs New Wave re-issued with unreleased tracks

“Made with intent, reissued with intent” Mr Luke Haines

It won’t come as too much of a surprise to you to learn that Mr Luke Haines is one of very most favourite musicians, authors, artists, raconteurs and, well, you get the idea, so it gives us huge pleasure to bring you the re-issue of The Auteurs debut album, New Wave.

New Wave is re-issued on 2CDs with bonus content compiled by Mr Luke Haines, the heart, soul and brains of the Auteurs, Baader Meinhof, Black Box Recorder and various solo projects.

Mr Luke Haines says “Some 21 years later and the album still sounds great. There is not a note that I would change.”

Originally released in 1993 after The Auteurs had issued a demo cassette, landed a tour supporting Suede and had record companies fighting to sign them, New Wave was the vanguard of the emerging, post-Nirvana British music scene.  It was justly nominated for a Mercury Music Prize though the gong was taken by Suede.

The album features the singles Showgirl and How Could I Be Wrong and now includes key b-sides, live and session recordings and previously unreleased demos, taken from the actual cassette that got them signed to Hut Records.

We are also privileged to offer an exclusive and strictly limited edition 12 x 12 art print by Sian Superman that can be ordered with either format of New Wave.

Sian has recreated the New Wave artwork in her inimitable style and the print, signed by Mr Haines, is a gallery standard, fine art Giclee print on satin Hahnemuhle paper.

To order your copy of the re-issue, choose your package below:
New Wave 2CD set with exclusive sleevenotes by Mr Haines

New Wave heavyweight 180gsm vinyl LP.

New Wave 2CD and Art Print bundle

New Wave LP and Art Print bundle

New Wave Expanded Edition Tracklist CD1

Original Album
1. Showgirl
2. Bailed Out
3. American Guitars
4. Junk Shop Clothes
5. Don’t Trust the Stars
6. Starstruck
7. How Could I Be Wrong
8. Housebreaker
9. Valet Parking
10. Idiot Brother
11. Early Years
12. Home Again

Bonus Tracks
13. Subculture (They Can’t Find Him) – original LP bonus 7”/CD hidden track
14. She Might Take a Train – original LP bonus 7”
15. Glad To Be Gone – Showgirl b-side
16. Staying Power – Showgirl b-side
17. Wedding Day – How Could I Be Wrong b-side
18. High Diving Horses – How Could I Be Wrong b-side


Rarities, sessions and demos
1. Housebreaker – Rough Trade Singles Club 7”
2. Valet Parking – Rough Trade Singles Club 7”

3. Starstruck (acoustic)
4. Junk Shop Clothes (acoustic)
5. Housebreaker (acoustic)
6. Home Again (acoustic)

7. New French Girlfriend(BBC Radio Session – 2.1.93) *
8. Government Bookstore (BBC Radio Session – 2.1.93) *
9. How Could I Be Wrong (BBC Radio Session – 2.1.93) *
10. Junk Shop Clothes (BBC Radio Session – 2.1.93) *

11. Bailed Out (4 track demo) *
12. American Guitars (4 track demo) *
13. Showgirl (4 track demo) *
14. Glad to Be Gone (4 track demo) *
15. Starstruck (4 track demo) *
16. Early Years (4 track demo) *

* previously unreleased





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