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Lee Rourke, curator of the Five Thirty website has put together a playlist of the tracks that influenced Five Thirty together with some tracks from their contemporaries in the early 90s. Here’s Lee to explain the choices.

Ray Charles- What I’d Say In 1987/88 Five Thirty were doing mainly covers with a few of their own self penned tracks thrown in. This Ray Charles classic was just one of many in their repertoire.

John Lee Hooker – Serves Me Right to Suffer The blues genre was an obvious influence on the early Five Thirty incarnation and again included in their own set list.

The Small Faces – Autumn Stone What great band has not been influenced by The Small Faces? One of their most beautiful tunes for me.

The Moment – Sticks and Stones The Moment were one of the leading Mod revival bands of the 80’s who certainly influenced the Tara and Paul as they started Five Thirty in earnest in the mid 80s.

Jimi Hendrix – Hear My Train a Comin’ This trio of bass, guitar and drums certainly had an effect on Five Thirty’s and a number of Hendrix’s songs were in their cover bank. Hear My Train a Comin’ was one of the songs they used to cover around 1987.

The Who – Baba O Riley A band of great musicians, a boat load of tunes and a part of Mod history- what’s not to like (besides Rogers perm). The Who were often cited in Five Thirty gig reviews due to the energy, power and sweat the lads put into their gigs just like The Who did before them.

The Beatles – Day in the Life It’s a great song and legend has it that part of this song was sampled in Five Thirty’s only album Bed.

The Jam – Start There was a time when every journalist mentioned The Jam and Five Thirty in the same breath. Definitely an influence on Five Thirty – tight drumming, funky bass and cool guitars – see a link there?

Manic Street Preachers- Motown Junk A bit of a love hate relationship existed between the bands but worthy contemporaries nevertheless. Both bands appeared on the BBC live at the Marquee and managed to turn the air blue.

Ride – Taste Both bands were getting positive press attention at the same time in 1990, however being part of the “shoegazing” scene certainly helped Ride raise their profile. Personally, Ride were good enough not to be linked with any scene and this track in my case in point.

The Honey Smugglers – Listen Lesser known band The Honey Smugglers gigged quite a few times with Five Thirty. Shame they did not get the credit they deserved. Sounds familiar eh?

The Stone Roses – Fools Gold You might have heard of these. I think Five Thirty must have felt they had been robbed a bit when they heard this. Snaky bass and groovy drums accompanying funkadelic wah-wah guitars. Classic in all senses of the word.

Flowered Up – Weekender Another of Five Thirty’s contemporaries, Flowered Up gigged several times with them. They really raised their game when they released this song and epic video.

Five Thirty – Supernova I could have chosen dozens of Five Thirty’s songs, but I really like this video as it captures the lads so well (love the sheep too).

Orange Deluxe – Anti- Gravity Blues When Five Thirty split, Paul Bassett moved on with Orange Deluxe. This live version captures the band so well.

The Nubiles – Layabout Tara made new friends and formed The Nubiles when Five Thirty called it a day. Great schizophrenic track that has so many faces to it.


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About the Bed re-issue….
Classic Pop – 5/5 “One of the great lost bands of the 90s”
Q magazine – 4/5 – “Five Thirty could have prospered during Britpop – in 1991 though their snotty-nosed swagger chafed against shoegazing’s introspection. Had they been released (in 1994) they’d be familiar as chips today”
Louder Than War – 10/10 -“Five Thirty should have been huge! As big as the Roses, Oasis, The Libertines and Kasabian”


1. Supernova
2. Psycho Cupid
3. Junk Male
4. 13th Disciple
5. Strange Kind Of Urgency
6. You
7. Songs And Paintings
8. Womb With A View
9. Automatons
10. Wrapped In Blue
11. Abstain
12. Catcher In The Rye

Air Conditioned Nightmare EP
13. Air Conditioned Nightmare
14. Judy Jones
15. The Things That Turn You On
16. Mistress Daydream


1. Coming Up For Air
2. Hate Male
3. Out To Get In
4. Come Together
5. Still Life
6. Something’s Got To Give
7. Cuddly Drug
8. Slow Train To The Ocean
9. Judy Jones (BBC Radio One session – 1990) *
10. Air Conditioned Nightmare (BBC Radio One session – 1990) *
11. Abstain (BBC Radio One session – 1990) *
12. Strange Kind Of Urgency (BBC Radio One session – 1990) *
13. Apple Something (demo) *
14. Beseech Me Baby (demo) *
15. She’s Got It Bad (demo) *
16. Barbie Ferrari (demo) *
17. When I’m Stoned (demo) *
18. Song Of No Intention (demo) *

(* – denotes previously unreleased track)