Mega City Four – Sebastopol Rd – expanded edition

It’s another proud day at 3 Loop towers as we announce the release of a 2CD expanded edition of Sebastopol Rd by the magnificent Mega City Four. The album will be released on 23rd September – click here to order your copy now.

The album, originally released in 1992, was their first on a major label having signed to Big Life/Phonogram following the success of Tranzphobia and Who Cares Wins. It is home to the Top 40 hits Stop and Shivering Sand, plus ever popular single Words That Say and Prague, covered by Muse in 2010 on their Resistance single as a tribute to the band who had influenced them.

This remastered re-issue has been compiled by the band with input from the Forward4Wiz trust, who receive a share of the profits on this release.

The 39 track, 2CD set includes 10 previously unreleased tracks including demos taken from the box loads of cassettes and DATs found in guitarist Gerry’s shed, and the digipack packaging includes a 16 page booklet packed with sleevenotes from the band, memorabilia and rare photos.

Alongside the release will be an exclusive Mega City Four hoody only available at 3 Loop Music’s store.
Or you can order the hoody and the album together and save a penny shy of a fiver.

About Sebastopol Rd, Bass player Gerry says: “Things were going well for the band in general before recording this, our third album. The title ‘Sebastopol Rd’ comes from the rehearsal studio in Aldershot where we rehearsed the songs for the album. After the album release things got very exciting. We toured at the biggest venues we’d done and sold out The Astoria in London, something we’d always wanted to do because we loved playing there so much. I think this album still stands up today and I’m proud to have been a part of it.”

Sebastopol Rd Expanded Edition Tracklist:
Mega City Four Sebastopol Rd


Original Album
1. Ticket Collector
2. Scared Of Cats
3. Callous
4. Peripheral
5. Anne Bancroft
6. Prague
7. Clown
8. Props
9. What’s Up?
10. Vague
11. Stop
12. Wasting My Breath

Words That Say EP

13. Words That Say
14. Untouchable
15. Lipscar
16. Mansion

Shivering Sand EP
17. Shivering Sand
18. Everybody Loves You
19. Disturbed


1. Prague – demo *
2. Clown – demo *
3. Overlap – demo *
4. Back To Zero – demo *
5. Peripheral – demo *
6. Wilderness – instrumental demo *

Stop b-sides
7. Desert Song
8. Back To Zero
9. Overlap
10. Revolution (Live)
11. Who Cares (Live)
12. Finish (Live)

And Smells Of Petrol Stations EP
13. Distant Relatives
14. Miles Apart
15. Clear Blue Sky
16. Running Darkness

Session tracks
17. Stay Dead (BBC R1 Peel Session-19 Sept 93) *
18. Clown (BBC R1 Peel Session-19 Sept 93) *
19. Prague (BBC R1 Peel Session-19 Sept 93) *
20. Slow Down (BBC R1 Peel Session-19 Sept 93) *

* previously unreleased

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