Mega City Four – Sebastopol Rd bundle

The 2CD expanded edition of Sebastopol Rd is released on 23rd September and to commemorate the occasion we have made an exclusive and very limited run of hooded tops to go with the album.

The unisex hoody has twin needle stitching detailing, a ribbed cuff and hem, a double fabric hood and pouch pocket with a small hidden opening to feed your headphone cord through. The hoody is made from 280gsm 80% cotton/20% polyester under Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified production.

These are limited to 50 pieces so be quick and order now!

Full information about the 2CD expanded edition of Sebastopol Rd can be found here.

Mega City Four – Sebastopol Rd – expanded edition

It’s another proud day at 3 Loop towers as we announce the release of a 2CD expanded edition of Sebastopol Rd by the magnificent Mega City Four. The album will be released on 23rd September – click here to order your copy now.

The album, originally released in 1992, was their first on a major label having signed to Big Life/Phonogram following the success of Tranzphobia and Who Cares Wins. It is home to the Top 40 hits Stop and Shivering Sand, plus ever popular single Words That Say and Prague, covered by Muse in 2010 on their Resistance single as a tribute to the band who had influenced them.

This remastered re-issue has been compiled by the band with input from the Forward4Wiz trust, who receive a share of the profits on this release.

The 39 track, 2CD set includes 10 previously unreleased tracks including demos taken from the box loads of cassettes and DATs found in guitarist Gerry’s shed, and the digipack packaging includes a 16 page booklet packed with sleevenotes from the band, memorabilia and rare photos.

Alongside the release will be an exclusive Mega City Four hoody only available at 3 Loop Music’s store.
Or you can order the hoody and the album together and save a penny shy of a fiver.

About Sebastopol Rd, Bass player Gerry says: “Things were going well for the band in general before recording this, our third album. The title ‘Sebastopol Rd’ comes from the rehearsal studio in Aldershot where we rehearsed the songs for the album. After the album release things got very exciting. We toured at the biggest venues we’d done and sold out The Astoria in London, something we’d always wanted to do because we loved playing there so much. I think this album still stands up today and I’m proud to have been a part of it.”

Sebastopol Rd Expanded Edition Tracklist:
Mega City Four Sebastopol Rd


Original Album
1. Ticket Collector
2. Scared Of Cats
3. Callous
4. Peripheral
5. Anne Bancroft
6. Prague
7. Clown
8. Props
9. What’s Up?
10. Vague
11. Stop
12. Wasting My Breath

Words That Say EP

13. Words That Say
14. Untouchable
15. Lipscar
16. Mansion

Shivering Sand EP
17. Shivering Sand
18. Everybody Loves You
19. Disturbed


1. Prague – demo *
2. Clown – demo *
3. Overlap – demo *
4. Back To Zero – demo *
5. Peripheral – demo *
6. Wilderness – instrumental demo *

Stop b-sides
7. Desert Song
8. Back To Zero
9. Overlap
10. Revolution (Live)
11. Who Cares (Live)
12. Finish (Live)

And Smells Of Petrol Stations EP
13. Distant Relatives
14. Miles Apart
15. Clear Blue Sky
16. Running Darkness

Session tracks
17. Stay Dead (BBC R1 Peel Session-19 Sept 93) *
18. Clown (BBC R1 Peel Session-19 Sept 93) *
19. Prague (BBC R1 Peel Session-19 Sept 93) *
20. Slow Down (BBC R1 Peel Session-19 Sept 93) *

* previously unreleased

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WATCH: Japan To Jupiter – The New Video

Japan To Jupiter is the first track from Kitchens Of Distinction’s new album, Folly.

The band asked fans to send in photos of themselves from their youthful times and shaped this sweet video with their own images. Patrick says “Here’s us and our fans in remembrance of things plastered in beer and make up. It was a scream.”

Order Folly on CD, LP and Download

Kitchens Of Distinction – Folly

We are extremely proud to announce that Kitchens of Distinction will release their new album, Folly, through 3 Loop Music on Monday September 30th 2013.

The 10-track album is the band’s first in 19 years following the release of Cowboys And Aliens in 1994.

The tracklisting of the album is as follows:

1. Oak Tree
2. Extravagance
3. Disappeared
4. Photographing Rain
5. Japan To Jupiter
6. Wolves / Crows
7. No Longer Elastic
8. I Wish It Would Snow
9. Tiny Moments, Tiny Omens
10. The Most Beautiful Day

Patrick Fitzgerald explains the gestation of the album:

“These songs came together over a two-year period which began in June 2011 and finished during April 2013. As with all songs by Kitchens of Distinction, new and old, they began with the musical structure first, the tune and lyrics coming later. With these songs I wrote the initial music, with KOD guitarist Julian Swales shaping them, suggesting tempo changes, structure changes, and providing the trademark sonic embellishments of his galactic guitar cascades. Dan Goodwin, original KOD drummer, added percussion and rhythm programming support. They were recorded in my studio in Derbyshire and at Julian’s studio in Brighton. The songs were mixed with Pascal Gabriel in April 2013 when I was recovering from a nephrectomy and winter would not leave us.”

Folly is available in our shop on CD, LP, download and in a very special bundle.

The bundle, with your choice of CD or LP, includes an organic cotton Folly t-shirt with lyric backprint, plus a special handmade, illustrated lyric book in a Pistachio green leather-effect card cover, bound with silver thread. The book is numbered and the first 200 copies will be signed by Patrick.

Order your copy here.

CUD announce Ned’s Atomic Dustbin support dates

CUD live dates 2013

The news that the CUD Band have been teasing us with has finally been announced.

The band will be supporting Ned’s Atomic Dustbin at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire and the Birmingham O2 Academy and 22nd and 23rd November 2013. Completing the bill is Republica – ready to go? Yes, we certainly are!

Tickets are available here from 1st May.

We’ll see you down the front!

Longpigs – On And On: The Anthology

Longpigs – On And On: The Anthology is available for pre-order in the 3 Range shop

Release Date: 6th May 2013

The Longpigs, a Sheffiled quartet featuring the stellar songwriting talents of Crispin Hunt, a nascent Richard Hawley, Simon Stafford and Dee Boyle, burned brightly for a brief time in the mid ’90s. They were under-rated then and they are under-rated now. In a bid to right this injustice we have put together a brand new, career spanning 2CD best of, On And On: The Anthology.

The album gathers together all the singles, sounding as fresh and innovative as the day they were crafted. It features the five Top 40 hits including indie anthems She Said, Far, Jesus Christ and Lost Myself and key b-sides, the Hawley penned Tendresse being a particularly rare gem. There’s also album tracks from The Sun Is Often Out and Mobile Home and previously unreleased tracks from the band’s BBC Radio 1 Sessions.

Longpigs - On And On: The Anthology


1. She Said
2. Jesus Christ
3. Far
4. On And On (American Mix)
5. Lost Myself (Single Version)
6. Sally Dances
7. Happy Again
8. All Hype
9. Dozen Wicked Words
10. Blue Skies
11. The Frank Sonata
12. Gangsters
13. I Lied I Love You
14. Free Toy
15. (The Man Who Found) Elvis
16. In The Snow
17. Dance Baby Dance
18. Miss Believer


1. Tendresse (She Said B-Side)
2. Sweetness (Jesus Christ b–side)
3. Vagina Song (Jesus Christ B-side)
4. Far (Sheffield Version) (Far B-Side)
5. Blah Blah Blah (Far B-Side)
6. Your Face (On & On B-Side)
7. When You’re Alone (Lost Myself B-Side)
8. Floss (Lost Myself B-Side)
9. (The Man Who Found) Elvis – Radio One Session 16.8.1995 *
10. All Hype – Radio One Session 16.8.1995 *
11. Headaches (Blue Skies B-side)
12. New York (Frank B-Side)
13. The Frank Sonata (Rae & Christian Mix) *
14. Free Toy – Radio One Session 7.9.1999 *
15. Gangsters – Radio One Session 7.9.1999 *

* previously unreleased

Five Lives Left – Louder Than War Review

The esteemed Louder Than War have given Five Lives Left, The Family Cat 2CD anthology a glowing review.
They said “I knew that this compilation would be good, but it is so lovingly compiled that it exceeds my expectations. This collection emphatically shows that the Family Cat had the songs and the talent to have been major players. I recommend you buy this compilation in order to hear the missing link between shambling C86 type indie and the Kasabians, Muses and Beady Eyes of today – remember what it is that you loved.”

Read the full review here.

Buy your copy of the album here.

Read the Loder Than War review of the Family Cat's Five Lives Left

CUD – The Complete BBC Sessions Press

CUD – The Complete BBC Sessions

Mojo Review

CUD – The Complete BBC Sessions

Graham Rickson –

Do we really need multiple live versions, in variable sound quality, of songs such as “Purple Love Balloon” or the Morrissey inspired “Only (a Prawn in Whitby)”? Yes, we do. Cud completists won’t need convincing, and newcomers will find plenty to enjoy in this beautifully produced four-disc package, containing material recorded for local and national radio from 1987 to 2006. Cud began life when a group of fine art students from Leeds Polytechnic retrieved a battered drum kit from a skip. Lead singer Carl Puttnam sent a demo to John Peel, leading to their first BBC session. Cud’s rise was meteoric, but the band split in 1995, reforming in 2006 to publicise a greatest hits compilation. They’re still going strong. So many of these songs are still very, very funny – Puttnam’s lyrics are consistently witty, and his larger than life vocal style never irks. The best Cud songs are noisy flashes of poetic gold, wearing their erudition lightly. One listen to “I’ve Had it With Blondes” should convert the uninitiated.

CUD – The Complete BBC Sessions

Record Collector Review

The Family Cat – Five Lives Left

The Family Cat Anthology available for pre-order in the 3 Range shop

Release Date: 26th November 2012

Sonic Youth once claimed that The Family Cat were their favourite UK rock band, so it is about time that there was a collection of their finest tracks.

Compiled by Paul Frederick (aka Fred) and John Graves this 2CD set tracks the band’s career from the first single, Tom Verlaine, on Bad Girl through to previously unreleased tracks from the abandoned 4th album.

All the band’s singles feature including the classic Steamroller, and Colour Me Grey and River Of Diamonds which feature PJ Harvey on backing vocals.

Together with BBC session tracks, key album tracks and b-sides this 37 track set is a must for any discerning record collection!


1. Tom Verlaine (12″ Version)
2. Remember What It Is That You Love
3. Thought I’d Died And Gone To Heaven
4. Place With A Name (Single Version)
5. Colour Me Grey (Featuring PJ Harvey)
6. Steamroller (12″ Single Version)
7. Across The Universe
8. What We Talk About When We Talk About Love
9. Jesus Christ
10. River Of Diamonds (Featuring PJ Harvey)
11. Airplane Gardens (Single Version)
12. Amazing Hangover (Single Version)
13. Springing The Atom (Single Version)
14. Wonderful Excuse (Single Version)
15. Goldenbook (Single Version)
16. Bring Me The Head Of Michael Portillo
17. Tom Verlaine (Re-Bereted)


1. Sandbag Your Heart (BBC Peel Session) *
2. Slept In Clothes (Album Version)
3. From The City To The Sea (BBC Peel Session) *
4. Endlesss Cigarette (Album Version)
5. Gabriels Wings (Album Version)
6. Too Many Late Nights (Album Version)
7. Furthest From The Sun
8. With A War (BBC Peel Session) *
9. Gameshow (BBC Peel Session) *
10. Fire Music
11. Move Over I’ll Drive (BBC Mark Goodier Session) *
12. Rockbreaking (Album Version)
13. Blood Orange
14. Nowhere To Go (BBC Goodier Session) *
15. If You Think You Know What Love Is
16. Ace Of Cups *
17. Snowplough *
18. Mount Pleasant (BBC Goodier Session) *
19. Taking Your Sister Home *
(* – denotes previously unreleased track)