Carl Puttnam’s Summer Playlist

CUD’s very own Carl Puttnam has compiled an exclusive YouTube playlist for 3 Loop.

And it’s over to Carl to let you know why he’s chosen these tracks.
1. Il Velero – Lucio Battisti
I originally picked this up in a Shetland charity shop. Sounds like a disco version of..

2. Discord – The Fire Engines
..which is the noisiest record ever made.

3. Blood and Honey – Amanda Lear
Another holiday purchase, but not sure when.

4. Les Coups – Johnny Hallyday
I heard this first on a French radio show, coupled with Stevie Wonder’s “Uptight”. I had no idea who it was. It’s Stevies’s tune but the lyrics make the opposite meaning. Not “everything’s alright”, but tout le monde is Merde..

5. The Garden – Nino Ferrer
I found this amongst the records that my partner was bequeathed by her Grandfather. Where he lived is the place in this record.

6. Amarsi Un Po – Lucio Battisti
Battisti again. Nice trance-y thing going on here.

7. Seeing Out The Angel – Simple Minds
I read an interview with Simple Minds back when I was at school, and they said that they liked Deodato, Kraftwerk and Dusseldorf amongst others, so here is..

8. La Dusselforf – la Dusseldorf
Crazy drumming. I know everyone says that now, but I first heard this in around 1980; back then it really was “crazy”. And the football is good too.

9. Computer Love – Kraftwerk
Kraftwerk make me think that there is a God. Something like the Sufi’s ecstatic state.

10. Prelude to the afternoon of a faun – Deodato
Who does a great cover of a Steely Dan song…

11. I Got The News and 12. Fire In The Hole – Steely Dan
Steely Dan piss on the Beatles and most everybody. If I do this again, i might just a top20 Dan chart..

13. The Chess Game from “The Thomas Crown Affair” – Michel Legrand
and relax…

14. Forest Life from “Brendon Chase” – Paul Lewis
Never released on DVD, but I have a pirate copy. It’s got to be the best kid’s TV show ever… and the book’s cool too.

15. Can Can Del “Filly” from “Quando Le Donne Avevano La Coda” – Ennio Morricone
16. Jesus Christ – Johnny Hallyday
Someone once said that Johnny was/is the French Cliff… Come on?

Let’s end with some Rock!!
17. Boogie No More – Molly Hatchett
18. Dancing Madly Backwards – Captain Beyond
19. The Camera Eye – Rush
20. Time We Left This World Today – Hawkwind
Not a lot of people know that in our earliest days we covered this song and to some success. Mike The Hippie (from Jumbo records) was particularly fond…

and then something a little more mellow
21. Down Deep Inside – Donna Summer
With John Barry

22. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Dionne Warwick and John Barry from “Thunderball”
Dedicated to John and Donna and underwater-set movies everywhere…

Now that’s what I call a playlist – Thanks Carl!





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